Trans_Plantation Weltmuseum


I wish to be Warao, I wish to be Tida Wena.

“the last remains of those old pre-Columbian traditions, never photographed before“

categorized and preserved in the botanic garden

can I scape the life drama of the Body?

can I scape the life drama of the Mind?

I am not separate from Nature but part of Nature

separation is an Illusion

“Wer hat Angst von der Museum” A project from Verena Melgarejo Weinandt. Curated by Imayna Caceres, Pedra Costa and Marissa Lobo.
Exhibition at wienwoche Weltmuseum am Heldenplatz, 1010 Wien.
Tobaron Waxmann 2014
Tobaron Waxmann 2014
Background foto from Alvaro Laiz. Layered foto from G.Soissong.
Weltmuseum am Heldenplatz, 1010 Wien. Wienwoche 2015.

Title: Trans_Plantation
Form: Intervention Performance
Format: Fotos
Date: December 2014
Location: Flora Garden, Cologne

Wer hat Angst vor dem Museum?

Additional Information:
Decolonial critic to “Wonderland” from Alvaro Laiz.
Photography in collaboration with Tobaron Waxmann (Akademie der Kunst Welt) and G.Soissong.

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