Through multimedia installations, geometry, computer graphics, text/songs, and performance, I explore the topic of compassion. This exploration responds to the ostracism, exotification, hate speech, invasive and life-threatening situations I have faced in both private and public spaces. In the post internet era, my work navigates the inner conflict between the limitations of science and the oscillating permissions of the arts, using contemplative audio-visuals and meditations to reconcile the anxiety I have experienced as a transgender woman. In my experience, fear is the opposite of love, and I am dedicated to developing compassion and overcoming fear.

The pineapple is a polysemic element in my work, carrying multiple and evolving meanings throughout my life. It symbolizes different moments in my transformation process—social, mental, physical, and spiritual. I am interested in expressing and analyzing these processes, giving personal resignification to the pineapple.

Pineapples Laboratories (2019) is an artistic social insertion project (TIN /BIPOC). A DIYLab for open education, prototyping, digital story telling and artis­tic ex­per­i­men­ta­tion. In the work Pachamama (2021-23) I explore compassion and connexion to Mother Earth. My latest work is dedicated to Radha, the hindu goddess of love, tenderness, compassion and devotion, that was showcased in the exhibition ‘Beyond Algorithms: Digital Utopia’ at FrauenMuseum Bonn (2024).

This is not a complete/ finalised Statement. It’s an introduction. Currently working on a new website.  It will be available soon, September 2024