LGBTIQ+ Campus Index 2021

Der Beirat des LGBTIQ+ Campus Index ?️‍? ?‍?

Im Beirat des LGBTIQ+ Campus Index sind LGBTIQ+ Organisationen und Expert:innen im Hochschulbereich vertreten, deren Feedback die Weiterentwicklung des Index, des Audits und der hieran anschließenden Projekte unterstützt. Wir werden die Mitglieder in den kommenden Wochen nacheinander auf unseren Proudr Social Media Channels vorstellen. Wir bedanken uns bei allen Beiratsmitgliedern für ihren, Input, Rat, Unterstützung und Zusammenarbeit!

Im Beirat des LGBTIQ+ Campus Index 2021 sind vertreten:

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AG trans*emanzipatorische Hochschulpolitik

Vertreten durch: Dr:in Kamalanetra Hung


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Equity rather than Equality

equality is about treating everyone exactly the same, while equity recognizes that everyone does not start from the same position and so treating everyone the same may leave them in the same uneven positions they began in. For this reason, we are intentional about actively reducing the inequitable barriers that stand between science, art and those who create, use, and learn from it.

Art with Open Source as Feminist Practice of Equity

we share the values established by the open science movement. We share rather than act territoriality. The benefits of science should be shared with everyone, and caused no harm. For socio economic accessibility, materials are lowest cost and easy to obtain whenever possible. People have a right to knowledge, and thus a right to the tools to gain that knowledge. Open hardware allows a diversity of values and voices to ask research questions and make technology.

Cognitive Justice

we shared understanding that technology is not inherently good and scientific knowledge is not an ultimate truth that legitimizes cultural erasure. Thankful to have been introduced to the concept of, “Cognitive Justice” by Mboa Nkoudou.


hide our thoughts, feelings, secrets and emotions

How can we speculate, imagine and create/construct a future, that is inclusive and empowering to transgender identities and racialized minorities without having to invisibilize our selves?

Pineapple Laboratories create art, technology and stories that offer us reflection of ourselves and a vision for a better possible future. New ways to express traditions and values.

Most of us from the Transgender / Queer community come from families and schools who didnt know how to deal with us. And our parents and educational staff did not have neither the right information. We aim to sensibilized.

Practice includes music, installation and interactive performance using open hardware and software. The art we created aim to contribute and serve the community to a positive cultural change. Time, energy and human resources invested in social progress.


Open Knowledge. Bodies of Knowledge vs Bodies of Violence

Trans women of color are the most vulnerable population worldwide. Transgender people are often portrait as victims of crime, hyper sexualized entertainers and angry activists. The fact is that trans people are bodies of knowledge and very creative.

This laboratory reaches out women, lesbian, trans, inter and people of color from Low GDP countries. The mentioned block still remain a minority in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Representation of Latinos in the Science Academy or global tech industry continues to be in the single digits.

I just want you to remember that this is your laboratory. You deserve equal access, affirmation and an education, and you must recognize and I know you know, that you are powerful.

“You have agency and voice. Use it to organize, combat against ignorance and resist. You belong, and nothing — absolutely nothing — is wrong with you” Janet Mock


Diversity in Company
Workshops on diversity to technology firms. Push to hire a certain quote of “diverse” people. Everyone has value not tied to how they look, by just being themselves. Encourage companies hire people who challenge them to be better and do better. “Tolerance” in not Inclusion. Folks in leadership position must spend time with “diversity people” and not just have them working UNDER them. Its not about having someone who performs “diversity” in a company and expecting them to stay to improve the company image despite the harmful behaviors and experiences in the environment that drives diverse talent back OUT rather than let it THRIVE. Most helpful of all would be to hire diverse folks who have experience ADVERSITY in those positions in the first place.

Our exhibitions and events are open to all audiences, and are intended to support women* in the broad sense of the political terms, and those who work on feminist issues and empowerment.

We intend to establish contact with partners, institutions and markets (in Europe and X) (universities, maker-spaces, women-owned businesses) and to establish productive relationships built on experimentation with the way we interact with technology. In particular, technology that is used for navigating and controlling the environment, such as technology that senses the environment and tracks users, among other things.

The need for trans people to hold leadership roles in for-nprofit entities to expanding diversity in tech conversations to include all types of gender.

We also intend to work with women-owned and managed facilities, because we are looking for specific contributions that women (and non-binary feminists) make in the creation of technology, and we also expect to find it in consumer-oriented prototyping and research hardware production.