With Covid 19, many public art institutions during and after lockdown have been forced to use digital forms of dissemination. This project incorporate analog methods and digital technologies towards New Media Art.

A tribute to Mother Earth is inspired in our personal relationship with the planet Earth not as an object or a source but as an alive divine entity that holds our very inner sacred nature. A Mother where we belong.

Mother Earth’s diversity is represented in a multimedia collage that encompasses a collection of images, sounds, and people’s insights. The techniques used are also an example of diversity, like working with stones and seeds in stop motion, and many high end digital techniques like interactivity and real time cloudpoint.

Trans people are central in the artwork, presenting their imaginary and artistic expression. This group is often marginalized and victimized in the public space. Video mapping in public space, invites the transformation of violence and indifference into a tribute to Mother Earth, which is an issue that concerns us all.

Stills from Video, attribution CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 by Kamalanetra.

Experimentation with 2D and 3D composition.

All the tools and equipment used in this project were done in a self-taught way, which means many hours of learning tutorials, observing, trials and error. We are happy for the positive technical achievements after 12 months of research, with all the effort that it takes.

Storyboard 2D visual contributions from Romana Erzova, Gil Soissong, Camila Arango and Kamalanetra. Costumes and performance support from Catherina Huismann. Photography / Engineer support from Camila Arango.

Instagram @kamalanetra_art | Public Presentations

26. August, Premiere Im Garten vom Stadtteilbüro Kalk Nord

3-4 Semptember, Installation at Europäischen Literatur Festival, Cologne Kalk.

14-15 Oktober, Event Animiert! Digitale Kunst in der Alten Feuerwache, Cologne

2 Juli 2023, Performance am Bonanzafest. Festival for Trans* NonBinary Art, Altes Pfanhaus, Cologne

24-25 Juli 2023, Performance am Max Planck Alumni Symposium 2023 / “The rise of social, economic and environmental justice,” Harnack House, Berlin.

Choreography and dance performance in Pachamama presentations by Felipe Gonzalez Berrios.

Thank you to Kalk Space e.V, Integrationshaus InHaus e.V, Stadtteil Büro Kalk-Nord eV, GAG Immobilie, Alten Feuerwache Köln

Animiert! Digitale Kunst in der Alten Feuerwache, Köln was funded by the Federal Government Commissioners for Culture and Media 2022.

Funded by Ministry of Culture and Science NRW 2021 and 2022.

Project Concept, Edition, Music and Visual Programming by Kamalanetra.

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