KAMALANETRA / Pineapple Laboratories




I explore through multimedia installations, geometry, computer graphics, text/songs and performance the topic of compassion. This is in response to the ostracism, exotification and life-threatening situations I faced in private and public spaces. It’s in my inner battle between the limitations of science and the oscilating permissions of the arts, where contemplative audio-visuals and meditations, help me reconcile the anxiety I have experienced as a transgender woman. In my experience, fear is the opposite of Love. I am exploring: the relationship with myself, developing compassion and overcoming fear.

The pineapple is a polysemic element that has been carrying multiple and different meanings throughout my life. I have a chain of associations with the pineapple that refer me to different moments in my transformation process (social, mind, body, spirit). I am interested in investigating and analyzing these processes. I am giving personal resignification to the pineapple in my work.

Pineapples Laboratories (2019) is an artistic social insertion project (TIN /BIPOC). A DIYLab for open education, prototyping, digital story telling and artis­tic ex­per­i­men­ta­tion. In the recent work Pachamama (2021-23) I explore compassion and connexion to Mother Earth.

This is not a complete/ finalised Statement. It’s an introduction. Currently working on a new website.  It will be available soon, September 2024