Equity rather than Equality

equality is about treating everyone exactly the same, while equity recognizes that everyone does not start from the same position and so treating everyone the same may leave them in the same uneven positions they began in. For this reason, we are intentional about actively reducing the inequitable barriers that stand between science, art and those who create, use, and learn from it.

Art with Open Source as Feminist Practice of Equity

we share the values established by the open science movement. We share rather than act territoriality. The benefits of science should be shared with everyone, and caused no harm. For socio economic accessibility, materials are lowest cost and easy to obtain whenever possible. People have a right to knowledge, and thus a right to the tools to gain that knowledge. Open hardware allows a diversity of values and voices to ask research questions and make technology.

Cognitive Justice

we shared understanding that technology is not inherently good and scientific knowledge is not an ultimate truth that legitimizes cultural erasure. Thankful to have been introduced to the concept of, “Cognitive Justice” by Mboa Nkoudou.