Science need the light of free SELF expression I felt I had something to say and the action of serving made my hear happy 

(2023) Seminar, Zentrum für Lehren und Lernen Hochschule Bremen Geschlechtliche Vielfalt an der Hochschule – Rechtliche Grundlagen im Kontext von TIN-Menschen mit Selbsterfahrungsbericht, mit Prof. Simone Emmert, Ramona Kaufmann

(2022) Seminar, Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics „Science beyond gender, more conscious leadership” Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology. Diversity in Leadership Program.

(2022) Seminar, Hochschule Bochum, “Einführung in das Thema Trans* Studierende”

(2021) Lecture Performance Queer Fabulations organised by the Academy of Media Arts (KHM) in cooperation with GeStiK (University of Cologne) via Zoom.

(2021) Seminar, Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology. Transgender Inclusion is not Rocket Science, Internalized Oppression and Self Compassion in Academia

(2021) Seminar, TU Braunschweig, FrauenLesben Referat. Internalized Oppression and Self Compassion in Academia

(2020) Interview, NGVT* NRW (Gender Diversity & Trans Network North Rhine Westphalia).

(2020) Moderator, WS 139, United Nations, Internet Governance Forum. Copyleft or right mediating interests in academic databases.  

(2019) Panel Speaker, WS 182, United Nations, Internet Governance Forum.  Data Governance for Smarter City Mobility.

(2019)  Keynote and Panel Speaker, IN_VISIBLE Project. Sustainability, Diversity and Digitalization Max Planck Alumni Symposia

(2019) Speaker, eLife Community. How does embracing the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community lead to better science? Queer Visibility in STEM diversity

(2019) Author*in: Alexis C Johnson, Print article in Missy Magazine #01/19 featuring Trans* feminist Bio Artists: Tamara Pertamina, Rian Ciela Visscher Hammond, Jes Fan, Leslie Garcia/Paloma Lopez (Interspecifics), Paula Pin. Gratitude to Sonja Eismann.

(2019) Panel Speaker, Gender and Healthcare, IFMSA MM19, Slovenia 

(2018, 2019) Selfcare Workshop, Trans Pride Cologne

(2018) Exhibition Table. In_Visible Project. 10th European Feminist Research Conference. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

(2018) Presentation, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Panel. OpenCon18, York University, Toronto, Canada

(2018) Panel Speaker, SE13-CCT. Open Science: an opportunity for the Global South. Tech4Dev / UNESCO Conference Laussane, Switzerland. Organised

(2017) Highlight Talk, OpenCon17 (IN_VISIBLE), Harnack House, Max Planck,  Berlin

(2017) RoadMap contributor, GOSH (Global Open Science Hardware), Santiago de Chile