Kamalanetra’s creations are not only visually fascinating but also therapeutic for the artist, reflecting her personal journey and the complex layers of her identity. Her works from 2022 feature jellyfishes that are related to her past state of dissociation and calming practices to find inner connection.

With a background in biomaterials research, Kamalanetra draws inspiration from the geometry of life. She utilizes visual programming languages, node graphs for shaders, composites, textures, and Python expressions to create her generative/procedural artworks.

“Vibrant Jellyfish” and “La Playa” minted in OBJKT, Tezos Art.

Kamalanetra´s work is showcased at the Transgender Museum of History and Art of Brazil (MUTHA) MINTBASE / NEAR Blockchain. MUTHA’s mission is to write History and spread the Art of body and gender variant people, which were erased by the Brazilian colonial past and do not yet present another place of social and cultural reinscription.

The MUTHA is the only transgender museum in Brazil and one of the few in the world.

The piece on the right, “Milky Ocean” from Mercury retrograde series was collected by Nate Geier, cofounder of Mint Base.

Pearls Sanctuary. Licensed artwork display for promotion of #350Baleado in Friesenplatz, Cologne
Bonanza 2022. Festival for Trans and Non-Binary Performance, Music and Film. Foto from Hans Diernberger.

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