Call of the Universe

Volume V4 (2024): (Installation)

Post in process

Volume V3 (2021): WHAT IS IN ME, IT IS IN YOU (Videodance)

The piece “What is in me, it is in you” tell the life stories of two transgender woman presented in dance and by means of pictures. In both cases the Indian chakra system and the development from unconscious suffering to enlightened consciousness in the sense of yogic thinking served as a common thread. In the case of the Czech Romana Ezrová, Hindu ritual was a recurring theme, and in the case of the Venezuelan Kamalanetra the meditation and the lotus flower. The choreographies were based on Indian deities, which can look and perform both male and female, but are ultimately inseparable, or indivisible.

From October 2020 to the end of June 2021 (COVID 19), the performances were documented in video format. The scenes were cut and edited by Kamalanetra. The film was presented at Queer Fabulations organised by the Academy of Media Arts (KHM) in cooperation with GeStiK (University of Cologne) on 18.11.2021 via Zoom. Thank you to the 2020 NRW Fellowship Program. The videodance, was directed and choreographed by Catharina Huisman.

Stills from Video, attribution CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 by Kamalanetra.


Volume V2 (2020): Live Performance for #360baleado

Minute 0 to 18.30

Dance: Anurhada
Ukulele, Narrative: Kamalanetra

Visuals: Public Source 

Performance at #360baleado​ Forum
A Project by Hans Diernberger and Will Saunders
Academy of Media Arts, Cologne 08.02.2020
Camera: Arjun Raj, Chantal Bergmann, Ishan Chrungoo
Edit: Arjun Raj


Volume V1 (2019): The Call of the Universe at Transday of Remembrance

Presentation at NGVT Netzwerk Geschlechtliche Vielfalt Trans* NRW e.V

Dancer: Anurhada ; Ukulelele and Narrative: Kamalanetra. Bielefeld, 16. Nov. 2019. 


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